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11 Bay Area Food Banks Need Your Help

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Bay Area Food Banks 
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You would be surprised to find out that many people in the Bay Area don't get enough food to eat on a daily basis. At Maloney Construction, we believe that everyone should receive enough nutrition to live a healthy and productive life and that's why we support the work that 11 Bay Area Food Banks do every day. 

Bay Area Food Banks acquire millions of pounds of food for distribution by collecting donated food through community food drives, by trucking in donated surplus groceries and fresh produce from manufacturers, wholesalers and produce growers, and by purchasing selected food items that are needed for food assistance programs in the community. We depend on thousands of volunteers to help us sort, pack and deliver food.

Though most of our food is donated, we are able to obtain purchased food at low cost so that every dollar donated goes even further. In addition, each food bank serves targeted geographic areas, which prevents duplication of food distribution efforts and makes us highly efficient in providing nutritious food to adults, seniors and children who are in need.

Food banks are successful at reducing hunger because of tremendous local support. We depend on donors who generously give money and food, volunteers who sort and pack food in our warehouses and distribute bags of groceries, and advocates willing to speak to public officials and the media about solutions to hunger. Your help is needed more than ever as thousands of people in our community are living on the margins, barely holding on.

Ways to Help End Hunger:

  • Make an online donation to your local food bank
  • Make a donation over the phone:
    Call 1-800-870-FOOD (3663) (Calls are geo-routed to your local food bank.)
  • Visit your local food bank to find out about hunger where you live or to join advocacy or volunteer efforts that help create hunger-free and healthy communities.

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