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Non-Profit of the Month: The Equine Assistance Project

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Equine Assistance Project 
Kathy Samoun 
Maloney Construction 


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It is the mission of the Equine Assistance Project (EAP) to rescue horses in at risk situations, as well as aid and assist horse owners find alternatives to auctions and slaughter. EAP provides re-homing assistance, emergency assistance programs, support and educational training in collaboration with like minded organizations. 

In 2015, Equine Assistance Project, Inc. was able to rescue and re-home 102 horse from at risk situations such as auctions, slaughter. Along with our rescue efforts we were able to help numerous horse owners keep their beloved horses through our assistance programs. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2019 where we will work with organizations across the country to implement new programs to reduce the number of at risk horses.

A Letter from Kathy Samoun, President and Founder

"One day while browsing a Facebook group we saw a picture of a sad, severely emaciated horse. Everyone was begging for someone to help save her. Having already rescued two other horses, we knew we had to help this girl. We contacted the owner through the craigslist ad, brought home Willow and Equine Assistance Project, Inc. was born.

It has been over a year since that day and what an amazing year it has been. Shortly after we started EAP, we learned about the horrors of the slaughter industry and what was happening to our American horses. We stepped into action. In 2015, through partnerships with rescues nationwide, we were able to give over 100 horses a second chance at life, saving them through intercepts, auctions and kill pens.

This year has been an educational one to say the least! We have been astounded by the support we have received from complete strangers, who want nothing more than to help save horses. Volunteers, donors, advisors, partners alike; we are bound by a common goal.

Rescuing horses is exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Knowing that we cannot save them all, having to choose which horses to save is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. However, the rewards that come with rescue outweigh the heartache.

Watching a horse who was 250 lbs. underweight come back from the brink of death, or seeing a horse that is so scared and untrusting learn to trust again…there is no feeling like it!

In 2015 EAP we formed new partnerships, implemented new programs and built a solid foundation for our organization to grow. The leadership team at EAP is committed to continuing this trend into 2016. Horses are such amazing creatures, and we are better for having them in our lives. We invite you to see what we do and join us. Together we can make a huge difference in these animals’ lives."

To find out more information about the Equine Assistance Project, visit them online at:

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