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Client: Indoor Entertainment
Location: Pier 39, San Francisco, CA


The project consists of helical piles that were drilled through the concrete floor of the pier, down 20’ to the sea floor and then 60’ into the bay muds that underlie the area. All of the work was done during the night and we had to be careful not to damage the historic pier.

helical piers installation

Maloney Construction was hired to support piles for a 40’ tall amusement ride at the end of Pier 39 in San Francisco!


We used three different kinds of material, all CHANCE Helical piles.

The lead sections were the SS175 (1 ¾”) square shaft material having a 10”-12”-14” helixes on a 7’ shaft and another 14” helix on a 4’ extension shaft. Because of the weak soils, we transitioned into the RS3500 (3.5”) material and then to a 8” shaft material embedded 10’ into the sea floor and up through the water and air into the new concrete grade beams.

The combination of using tight access equipment and ability to achieve high load capacities made this unique project a perfect one for the Maloney Team!

pier 39 4
pier 39 helical piers installation