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Client: Federal Highway Administration
Location: Yosemite National Park CA


Maloney Construction completed the Yosemite National Park Tunnel Preservation project in less than 45 working days and with no weekend closures. Inside the tunnel roadway Maloney Construction also replaced and restored the drainage system.

tunnel repair

This project was located in a challenging and highly sensitive location in Yosemite Valley within the National Park, and great attention to detail was required in achieving customer satisfaction in areas of tunnel repairs, quality control, traffic control and timely completion of work.


The project required specialized, highly technical work within the tunnels while maintaining one lane of traffic at all times. Concrete spall repairs required location of the actual extent of deteriorated or delaminated concrete by the contractor, including location of the existing reinforcing bars. Chemical grout injection repairs required qualified personnel with documented previous experience. Acceptance of the grout injection repairs was based on performance requirements for stopping leaks.

All concrete pavement and spall repairs were integrally colored to match existing treatments, and colored joint sealant matched adjacent sidewalks. All wash water from power washing operations was contained and filtered before being discharged or disposed of.

yosemite tunnel repair


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