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seismic retrofitting

Seismic Retrofitting

Foundation bolts, Shear Walls

seismic retrofitting

Foundation bolting is a critical element to a safe structure. Without that connection from your concrete foundation to the wood structure your house can be thrown off its foundation in an earthquake.


Retrofitting your home may also lower your earthquake insurance premiums and add to the resale value of your home. Foundation bolts are a requirement when selling your home and a good investment to keep you investment and family safe.

Shear walls are also critical elements in seismic retrofitting. Shear walls are plywood panels nailed to the framing of your house to keep it from rolling over and moving laterally. The short walls between your foundation and house are called cripple walls and often times have little to no shear capabilities. Shear walls keep that framing rigid and connected to the foundation.


Maloney Construction, Inc. can take care of your seismic retrofitting needs with a quick and clean job.