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residential foundation repair

Residential Construction

Maloney Construction has been serving residents of the Bay Area and beyond for nearly 30 years. We have the experience, specialized skills and equipment to perform all aspects of residential foundation construction.


With our licensed, insured and certified crew, Maloney Construction is qualified and prepared to work on new foundations, retaining walls, foundation repairs, micropiles and helical piles.

Whether we are a sub-contractor for a project’s general contractor, or working directly with homeowners, our expertise in residential foundation construction and repair guarantees customer satisfaction.

New Foundations

We specialize in difficult foundation conditions, and as a result many engineers refer us to their clients. Foundations designed and installed by Maloney Construction are ideal for the discerning homeowner.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality residential concrete for property owners throughout Northern California. You can be certain that Maloney Construction will install a well-built foundation, whether it is a slab foundation, concrete basement with walls, crawl space foundation or completely new garage/shop floor, and that it will last for the life of your home.


Retaining Walls

With so many hillside homes built in the last 50 years, having sound retaining walls is essential to providing lateral support to the vertical slopes they are located on.

Retaining walls can be constructed using a wide range of materials and methods.

Maloney Construction has built countless retaining walls in the last 20 years throughout the greater Bay Area, which have stood the test of time and remain sound today.

What Is a Helical Pier?

Foundation Repairs

No homeowner wants to deal with any foundation problem, especially since they believe that concrete foundation repairs can be expensive and all-encompassing.

Maloney Construction repair experts are trained to carefully evaluate all aspects of your concrete foundation, identify any problems that exist, and determine the cause.

Maloney Construction has been installing Chance Helical piers and tiebacks for nearly 30 years.