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Wireless Torque Monitoring System

“A Quantum leap in Precise Torque and Angle Data Measurement”

  • State Of The Art Wireless Technology
  • Highly Accurate Torque Monitoring Capabilities (+/-0.3%)
  • Angle & Depth Monitoring
  • Extremely Rugged Design
  • Data Can Be Exported To Third Party Software
  • GPS Data Recorder For Exact Location Of Pier
  • Multiple Wireless PDA’s Can Be Used To View One Drive
  • No Mechanical Parts

Load Testing Services

Load Testing is often a job requirement and the percentage of testing is recommended by the engineers of record. Tension and Compression tests are provided by our team and can be done quickly and safely. Our load testing services offer results that are extremely useful tools for helical pile foundation designers as they confirm the theoretical design of a foundation and allow for site specific correlation between load capacity and installing torque (Wireless Torque Monitoring System).

ASTM D-1143, Standard Test Method for Piles Under Static Axial Compressive Load, latest revision, should be used. This method of load testing is applicable to all types of deep foundations that function to a manner similar to piles regardless of their method of installation. It does not specify a particular method to be used, but rather provides several optional methods.

The load test pile, installation equipment, and installation procedure should be identical to those intended to be used for production piles to the extent practical.